Automatic Pull Off Adhesion Tester

BEVS 2201 Automatic Pull Off Adhesion Tester adopts the full touch screen technology, It enables to
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At present, cross cut method is used for qualitative evaluation of coating adhesion, but not quantitative testing. With quality control to improve and the development of new material, more and more users want to have the quantification on the adhesion and cohesion between coating and substrate, meanwhile, also need to monitor the influence change of adhesion of anti-corrosion coating on some outdoor concrete based coating, marine coating and bridge coating by the environmental temperature and humidity.

BEVS 2201 Automatic Pull Off Adhesion Tester adopts the full touch screen technology, It enables to test the adhesion of metal and other substrate and temperature and humility on the surface to further evaluate the coating quality and lifetime.

BEVS 2201ATV Adhesion Tester Verifier is used to verify the accuracy of the pull-off tester. It is of exquisite design and digitally displays force value.

Technical Specification:

◆  Basic specification

Dolly Diameter 10mm 14mm 20mm 50mm
Working   range 10-100MPa 5-50MPa 2.5-25MPa 0.4-4MPa
(1450-14504psi) (725-7252psi) (362-3626psi) (58-380psi)
Range   of pull off rate 0.8-3MPa/s 0.4-1.5MPa/s 0.2-0.75MPa/s 0.03-0.12MPa/s
(116-435psi/s) (58-217psi/s) (29-108psi/s) (4-17psi/s)

Accuracy of put off rate: 2.5%+0.3s

Pressure accuracy: 1% full range

Pressure resolution: 0.01Mpa

Units: MPa, psi

Display Screen: Touch screen

◆  Power specification

Build in rechargeable battery, 12.6V2A, 20000mA/H

◆  Packing list

Standard: 10×10mm dolly, 10×14mm dolly, 10×20mm dolly, 1×Glue set, 5×swab, 5×spile, 1×sandpaper, 1×20mm cutter, 1× Temp. & Humidity sensor


◆  Wide range of applications: Metals, wood, concrete and other substrates

◆  Real time measure the temperature and humility of product surface

◆  Loading up to 100Mpa

◆  Data reproducible measurement

◆  Enable to set the max. pull off force

◆  Enable to set the holding time of tension

◆  Data storage and quick view result

◆  Real time display the diagram of drawing rate

◆  USB data transmission

◆  Multiple dollies are available

◆  Big capacitive touch screen

◆  Set up time and date

◆  Build in rechargeable battery

◆  Onsite calibration available

◆  Bluetooth function

◆  Main Interface: Real time display curve and parameter.

◆  Setting interface: Set the related parameter and view the data.


ASTM D4541, ASTM D7234, ISO4624, ISO 16276-1, JIS K 5600 5-7

Order Information:

BEVS 2201 Automatic Pull Off Adhesion Tester(Standard model, other dollies are available)

BEVS 2201 ATV Adhesion Tester Verifier
BEVS 2201/P/010 10mm dolly
BEVS 2201/P/014 14mm dolly
BEVS 2201/P/020 20mm dolly
BEVS 2201/P/050 50mm dolly
BEVS 2201/P/110 10mm cutter
BEVS 2201/P/120 20mm cutter
BEVS 2201/P/150 50mm cutter


User manual
BEVS 2201 Automatic Pull Off Adhesion tester.pdf