Wet Abrasion Scrub tester

This machine is used to test the abrasion, scrub and washability performance for many  kinds of materials, do the abrasion scrub test in wet and dry condition; touch screen control. It is widely used in water-based coating field.

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Paint, coating, leather, wood, plastic, printing materials and fiber etc.
◆Big LCD design, touch-screen operation
◆Operating Menu: Chinese or English
◆Testing fluid flow is controlled by peristaltic pump

Technical Specification:

◆Scrub rate: 37±1 cycles/min
◆Maximum setting of abrasion times: 9999
◆Sample thickness: 0-25 mm
◆Test panel thickness range:0-25 mm (Adjustable)


◆ASTM D2486, D3450
◆DIN 53778
◆ISO 11998/BS 3900

Order Information:

◆BEVS 2805 Wet  Abrasion Scrub Tester with one standard accessory below:

Optional Accessories:

◆BEVS 2805/1/P
Standard: DIN 53778
Carriage assembly with pump, applied weight 250g, 2 brushes with natural bristle

◆BEVS 2805/2/P
Standard: ASTM D2486
Carriage assembly with pump, applied load 454g, 2 Nylon brushers, 2 rubber pads with 325×12.7×0.25mm brass shim

◆BEVS 2805/3/P
Standard: ASTM D3450
Carriage assembly with pump, applied weight 1500g, 2 sponges

◆BEVS 2805/6/P
Standard: ISO 11998/BS 3900



Data sheet
Wet Abrasion Scrub tester.pdf

User manual
BEVS 2805 Wet abrasion srub tester User manual.pdf