SeamSight®-C Full Automatic Seam Monitor

*Full Automatic! Measurement to be finished within 1 second!
*External guages for countersink and seam thickness can send data to the system!
*High-Resolution images!
*Interference-free of external light source!

SeamSight®-C Full Automatic Seam Measurement System is a good solution of full range double seam measurement.
Full Automatic! Measurement to be finished within 1 second!

Use the CanNeed SPC data collection system, the actual seam thickness, actual countersink, etc., can be transferred to the computer automatically.

The Seam Sight(TM) system has adopted the advanced optical system and Golden Lens(TM) video capture device, which interference-free of external light source and ensured the high image definition and the measurement accuracy.

Seam SightTM professional seam measuring software will do the line positioning automatically and the measurement to be finished within 1 second! The software also adopted the data base management system, all the measurement data will be restored in the system data base, so that to enhance the software performance and more convenience in data management. The result statistic and result chart has been added in the data base screen for overview and comparison. Meanwhile, the measurement screen has been optimized for a vivid result display.