Haze Meter – NDH 2000N

NDH 2000N is a haze meter that is based on various industrial standards for plastic products, such as “Haze measurement for plastic/transparent material” (JIS K7136 & ISO 14782) and “Total light transmittance measurement for plastic/transparent material” (JIS K7361-1 & ISO 13468), etc. Depending on the purpose of measurement, you can select a display mode from 3 different types. This is an all in one unit type haze meter with little desk space design, easy operation for anybody, easy to read large display and high speed measurement (approx. 2 seconds when measuring under ASTM D 1003).

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  • Measurement by this model is based on the plastic product testing methods specified by various industrial standards as JIS, ISO and ASTM.
  • Measurement is available for haze, total light transmittance, diffuse transmittance, parallel transmittance and turbidity.
  • This model is an all in one type instrument that consists of operation panel, fluorescent character display and built-in printer.
  • Its optical unit is equipped with a φ150mm integrating sphere with a compensatory opening.
  • Its large sample chamber allows measurement of a sample size up to 120mm x 120mm.
  • Measuring aperture can be changed to φ7mm, by which taper abrasion test can be complied (in option).
  • Using communication software (option), you can transfer measurement data to your personal computer.