Glass Reactor System

♦ The vessel of R-211 Series Glass Reactor is glass.
♦ General Max. Pressure : 14 Bar (220 psig)
♦ General Max. Temperature : -30~250℃
♦ Capacity: 100ml~100L
♦ R-201 & 211 Series Reactors are designed to select between the metal vessel & glass vessel.
And these are designed to move vessel by pressure cylinder easily.

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Order Guide

Series Volum ID Conn.Size Staand Heater Max.
Msg.Drive Motor General Common Port
211-1 300mL 55mm 1/8″NPT Bench 1.0Kw 220psig 16in-lbs 1/12Hp Gas Inlet & Valve,
Vent Valve
Sample tube & Valve
Process(MD), Drain
Cooling Inlet & Outlet
Thermowell & Thercouple
Spare Nozzie
Mag. Drice:Water Inlet&Outlet
Jacket Design:150psig Power:220V/60hz/1phase
211-2 500mL 65mm 1/8″NPT Bench 1.0Kw 220psig 16in-lbs 1/8Hp
211-3 1L 86mm 1/4″NPT Bench 1.5Kw 220psig 16in-lbs 1/4Hp
211-4 2L 107mm 1/4″NPT Bench 2.5Kw 150psig 16in-lbs 1/4Hp
211-5 5L 140mm 3/8″NPT Floor 3.5Kw 100psig 32in-lbs 1/2Hp
211-6 8L 160mm 3/8″NPT Floor 7.5Kw 100psig 64in-lbs 1/2Hp
211-7 10L 210mm 3/8″NPT Floor 8.0Kw 50psig 64in-lbs 3/4Hp
211-8 Other