FT21 Butter Churn

The metal churn paddle is electrically driven. A multi-speed electric motor is mounted on the side of the vessel, which drives the paddle agitator.

The paddle may be removed for cleaning.

A batch of up to 5 litres of cream can allow production of more than 1kg of butter, and all of the important stages of this ‘colloid inversion’ process can be adequately observed.


Total churn volume: 5 litres

Batch Size

  • 5 litres (max)
  • 4 litres (suggested)
  • 1 litre (min

Demonstration Capabilities

  • ‘Phase inversion’ of the oil/water emulsion which occurs in churning
  • Investigation of process temperature and agitation time in the agitation process
  • Production of butter by various methods for quality and analytical determinations
  • Mass balance quantitative yield of butter from various types of raw milk


The accessories have been selected to enable a finished product to be produced in conjunction with the butter churn.

The cream setting pan and dairy thermometer in combination will produce cream from 4 litres of milk. Depending on the fat content of the milk, approximately 0.5 litres of cream can be obtained from this and the minimum churn charge of 1 litre can be quickly separated. This can be used if no automatic cream separator such as FT15 (Disc Bowl Centrifuge) is available. Approximately 0.5kg of butter can be made from 1.5 litres of cream in the churn. During the churning process it is necessary to drain off the buttermilk and washing water, a sieve is provided to strain out any butter particles to be returned to the churn. Scotch Hands are required to ‘work’ the butter into a solid mass after churning. Water exuded during the working process is removed by the use of muslin cloth.

In order to carry out these processes, the following accessories are supplied:

  • 1 x 4 litre capacity cream setting pan
  • 1 x dairy thermometer
  • 1 x nylon sieve
  • 1 x pair of Scotch Hands
  • 1 x roll butter muslin


Electricity supply:

FT21-A: 220-240V/1ph/50Hz

FT21-B: 120V/1ph/60Hz

FT21-G: 220-240V/1ph/60H

Shipping Specifications

Volume: 0.3m3

Gross Weight: 10Kg


Length: 0.50m

Width: 0.40m

Height: 0.50

Order Codes

FT15-A: 220-240V / 1ph / 50Hz

FT15-B: 120V / 1ph / 60Hz

FT15-G: 220-240V / 1ph / 60Hz