ERACHECK ECO combines the inherent advantages of IR methods, like high speed and sub-ppm precision with the use of the CFC-free and low-cost extraction solvent cyclohexane. ERACHECK ECO is the only analyzer on the market being fully compliant with the latest standard ASTM D8193. The cost-efficient and eco-friendly measurement technology provides the most economical alternative for oil-in-water testing on the market.

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ASTM D8193

ASTM D8193 describes a direct IR transmission measurement of oils and greases in the extraction solvent. The method does not require any solvent evaporation like gravimetric or solventless IR methods and therefore allows the measurement of all fractions of the sample, including the light ends, with sub-ppm precision (repeatability SD: 0.2 mg/L oil-in-water). Compared to GC methods that do not detect fractions eluting outside the defined time window, ASTM D8193 enables a more complete fraction of extracted hydrocarbons much faster and easier.


User-specific Calibrations

With ERACHECK ECO’s easy-to-operate design and its intuitive software, user-specific calibrations or correlations are easily created. This enables excellent correlations to gravimetric methods (EPA 1664A) and gas chromatography (e.g. ISO 9377-2 (mod) OSPAR).
With the calibration defined in ASTM D8193, the correlation to other IR methods (ASTM D7066, ASTM D7678 etc.) is also readily assured. A direct measurement of the extract results in the total oil and grease (TOG) concentration, whereas filtration over a disposable Florisil® solid phase extraction cartridge attached to the inlet of the instrument removes the polar components resulting in the total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) concentration.

Maximum Connectivity

ERACHECK ECO is a compact stand-alone analyzer equipped with an industry proven 8.4″ multilingual color touchscreen and a built-in industrial PC. State-of-the-art connectivity options like LAN, 5 x USB and RS232 allow you to attach the latest printers, keyboards and bar code scanners or to connect the instrument to any Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Furthermore, the fully automated measurement enables the use of eralytics’ directly attached 10-position autosampler for higher sample throughput and even more efficiency.


Measurement Procedure

  1. Extract the water sample with cyclohexane: Typically 900ml water are extracted with 50ml cyclohexane
  2. Select the method you want to use: TPH or TOG
  3. Select the correct calibration
  4. Enter the name of the sample and the name of the operator
  5. Press the RUN button
  6. The instrument runs a background measurement of pure cyclohexane
  7. The instrument measures your extracted sample

ERACHECK ECO guides you through the measurement procedure. The liquid volumes have to be entered depending on the actual volumes used for the extraction of the sample.


ERACHECK ECO Brochure English