Aquamax KF Plus – in-lab and on-site water determination

Aquamax KF Plus titrators have been specifically designed for the determination of water content, combining coulometry with the Karl Fischer method.

The Aquamax KF Plus titrators are conform to standards for water determination DIN 51777, ASTM D 1364, ASTM D 1533, ASTM D 4377, ASTM E 203, IP 356, IP 471, ISO 10336, ISO 6296 (see standard conformity).

The Aquamax KF Plus is a truly versatile coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator featuring a robust measuring vessel design and ‘press go’ key pad.

The device is used to determine trace level water contents in a liquid sample.

The Aquamax KF Plus is suitable for a wide range of applications with sample dosing directly into measuring cell.

Easy to use – simple to programme so that only a single button needs to be pressed for a titration, everything else is automatic.


Titration method: Coulometric Karl Fischer titration
Electrolysis Control: Patented “ACE” control system GB2370641
Sample administration: Manually with syringe
Sample amount: 0.01 – 10 mL
Measuring range: Possible 1 μg – 200 mg water
Typical 1 μg – 10 mg water
Moisture range: 1 ppm – 100 % water
Max. sensitivity: 0.1 μg
Drift compensation: Automatically controlled
Precision: 10 – 100 μg ± 3 μg
100 μg – 1 mg ± 3 μg
above 1 mg ± 0.3 %
Data Entry: 15 key touchpad
Power supply: 18 V DC, 40 W
Display format: μg, mg/kg, ppm, %
Dimensions: 290 x 255 x 130 mm
Weight: 3.0 kg


Data sheet Aquamax KF Plus

Data sheet Aquamax KF Portable